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BeAware Bahrain


In accordance with national efforts to combat the COVID-19, the “BeAware Bahrain” app was released by the Information and eGovernment Authority in the Kingdom of Bahrain to ensure the safety of all its citizens and residents.

The app contributes in reducing the spread of virus as it uses the GPS function for the following:

  • Alerting individuals in case they come in contact with a recent confirmed active case within the past 14 days.
  • Following up with home self-isolation and quarantine cases during the 10 day period, confirming their location within their home range and not leaving their home.
  • Booking for an Exit Test to be taken after finishing the designated quarantine period.
  • Showcasing the latest official COVID-19 related statistics locally and globally.
  • Providing the latest guidelines from health organizations and general information about the virus.
  • Individuals under optional home self-isolation are provided with an electronic bracelet that connects to the app, providing an updated and continuous notification to the team set by the Ministry. In case of not abiding by the optional home self-isolation guidelines or moving away from the phone by a 15 meter distance and/or changing the set quarantine location, a notification will immediately be sent  on the importance of committing to the health guidelines to ensure the safety of the individual and the community
BeAware Bahrain

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As citizens and residents, we all have a national responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.