About the website

The official website for the latest health developments within the Kingdom of Bahrain

About the website

BeAware Bahrain

Welcome to healthalert.gov.bh, the Kingdom’s official platform for the latest health updates and developments within Bahrain. This website is affiliated with the Kingdom’s Ministry of Health.

The website aims to keep you abreast of any developments related to public health in the Kingdom, in addition to national efforts aimed at promoting public health across Bahrain, in addition instilling  health awareness among all members of society.

Given the exceptional global circumstances due to COVID-19, the first version of this website will provide information on developments regarding the pandemic, as well as Team Bahrain’s ongoing efforts to combat the virus.

Additionally, all directives and decisions issued by the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and other decisions related to precautionary measures and relevant guidelines, will be accessible via this website.

Updates on number of active COVID-19 cases in the Kingdom, in addition to contact tracing information and efforts, will be published on a daily and weekly basis.

Other useful information published on the website includes latest news articles, awareness videos and infographics. These will be updated on a regular basis.

COVID-19 FAQs, details on the hotline no. 444, and a list of licensed hospitals providing COVID-19 testing is also available for your health and safety.

Once the global COVID-19 pandemic subsides, the website will continue to publish information on all necessary health developments within the Kingdom of Bahrain.